Reducer Composition with combineReducers()

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Since reducer composition is so common in Redux, there's a helper function combineReducers()

So now instead of this:

const todoApp = (state = {}, action) => {
  return {
     todos: todos( 
    visibilityFilter: visibilityFilter(

We can do this:

const { combineReducers } = Redux; // CDN Redux import

const todoApp = combineReducers({
  todos: todos,
  visibilityFilter: visibilityFilter

This code generates our top level reducer. The only argument to combineReducers() is an object that specifies the mapping between the state field names and the reducers that manage them.

The return value of combineReducers() is a reducer function that is pretty much equivalent to what we wrote earlier.

By convention, the state keys should be named after the reducers that manage them. Because of this, we can use ES6 object literal shorthand notation to accomplish the same thing like this:

const todoApp = combineReducers({

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